Testosterone Titbits









The Clinic is dedicated to the health needs of the woman approaching and past the age of menopause.

While the emphasis is on gynaecological care, both hormonal and surgical, the umbrella of the service includes the assistance of other health professionals such as dietary advice, psychological counselling, management of cholesterol disorders and the treatment of osteoporosis.

Dr. Rosemary A. Jones manages the clinic. A gynaecologist with some 50 years in practice of which 30 years have been spent in concentrating on the problems of the older woman.

The practice has been innovative and has not been afraid to introduce new ideas and techniques.

Much of what has been learnt over the years has been from the direct experience of what our patients have been able to teach me.

Following an invitation to join the South Australian Gender Dysphoria Unit I have been privileged to meet and assist members of the transsexual community.  I am treating not only male to female (M2F) but also female to male (F2M).  Meeting with these interesting individuals has required me to mount a steep ‘learning curve’ that has enlightened my view of gender issues.

The ‘male menopause’ is fashionable but more demanding to treat than the better defined female menopause.  A small number of these men are appropriately treated with testosterone.

'Alternative’ or ‘natural medication’ is not an area that I am either expert in or wish to endorse.  However, I have a sufficient understanding that enables me to enter a reasoned discussion of ‘natural therapy’ with conventional medicine.

Perhaps the most important aspect of my practice is that I am very ready to listen to what my patients have to ask of me and tell me.