Testosterone Titbits







Hormone replacement by implants.

Hormone replacement becomes simplified with a twice a year visit. You can say goodbye to pills, patches and creams, if you choose, although I still use these for those who prefer them. We have responded to the cessation of the production of implants by MSD by encouraging Antony Condina at the Green Pharmacy to make them in his laboratory in Norwood, South Australia,

Antony Condina B.Pharm, B.HSci(Hons)
Director-Technical Development
GD Pharma
46A Beulah Rd
South Australia 5067

Testosterone replacement.

This is used for upset mood, loss of energy, sore breasts, increasing weight, loss of energy, loss of libido, failing memory, dry vagina and vulval skin discomfort. Many of my patients have found that their quality of life has been revolutionised by the use of this hormone.

I use testosterone to treat the premenstrual syndrome/ovarian dysfunction and it seems to be remarkably successful.  Most of the women who had heavy periods and a shortened cycle lose their bleeding problem and avoid hysterectomy.  The thought is everpresent in my mind that if we can avoid sore breasts recurrently every month, might we avoid those breast cancers in the younger women.  The example of the sad experience suffered by Kylie Minogue springs to mind.

Smear tests and Colposcopy.

It was once stated by Malcolm Coppleson that, if every woman was conscientous about having her cervical smear test checked, that death from cancer of the cervix would cease. I tend to do smear tests once a year despite the general recommendation being to have it done every two years. For those of you who show a 'positive smear' the problem is investigated in the rooms with a magnifying instrument called a colposcope. This requires no more than the routine 'internal examination'. If biopsy is required, the result is available by the following morning and anxiety may be relieved.